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What are the characteristics of torque abrasive disc products

created_at:2017-11-06 10:57:36

Torque abrasive disc is a kind of sand can be used in accordance with customer requirements to make use of the product, in real life is mainly used for the surface polishing, welding a variety of materials processing and surface machining, and removal of traces, very high use value. And it has a variety of advantages in use, the overall cost performance is very high, want to know the characteristics of the product friends, please continue to look down with me, you will get unexpected harvest.

Torque abrasive disc and other materials with torque as the substrate, with high-grade emery cloth grinding materials made by special processing of cymbal coated abrasives, installed in the angle grinder, grinding machine is suitable for ferrous and non ferrous metal, stainless steel and stone and plastic, and grinding the weld, stamping burr  can used interchangeably with resin cymbals shaped grinding wheel. The utility model has the advantages of high elasticity, self sharpening, high grinding efficiency, good heat dissipation, low noise, long service life, etc..

Such a convenient disassembly, safe operation of the products are not attracted to you? Today the first torque abrasive disc sand content here, we are more content to be.

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