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Weifang fiberglass flap disc the use of information to share with you

created_at:2017-11-22 17:07:33

The fiberglass flap disc is a product made of professional technology, the application field is widely used,especially in the connection of electric tool shaft and emery cloth around the central point are radially adhered to the connecting block peripheral wall and shaft type impeller plays an important role. There is also a bottom cloth adhesive sleeve has a cavity within the sleeve, the outer wall of the head pouring adhesive and embedded connecting block, transmission shaft and extends into the inner cavity with inner screw.

The supporting tool in a vertical grinder, portable electric drill, pneumatic tools, electric drill, drill, pipeline operation etc.. Product sharp grinding, grinding force, strong durability, long service life, high tensile strength of the base, the effect is good, has the advantages of high production efficiency.

Fiberglass flap disc can be used for grinding and finishing of metal and nonmetal complex surfaces, deep holes, especially for grinding and polishing concave and convex surfaces and sides.

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